IAEA Fusion Energy Conference 2010

Proceedings of the 23rd IAEA Fusion Energy Conference
Daejeon, 11-16 October 2010

Organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency
and hosted by the Government of the Republic of Korea


Session P4 - Momentum & Turbulent Transport, Transport Barriers

PaperFirst AuthorTitle
EXC/P4-01 Andreev, V.F.ITB Formation and MHD Activity in Experiments with Rational Surface Density Control
EXC/P4-02 Brower, D.L.Fluctuation-Induced Momentum Transport and Plasma Flows in the MST Reversed Field Pinch
EXC/P4-03 Burdakov, A.V.New Experiments on the GOL-3 Multiple Mirror Trap
EXC/P4-04 Delgado-Aparicio, L.Dependence of Impurity Transport on ρ*, ν*, rotation and MHD in NSTX
EXC/P4-05 Frigione, D.Particle Deposition, Transport and Fuelling in Pellet Injection Experiments at JET
EXC/P4-06 Gao, X.Experimental Study of Plasma Confinement on EAST
EXC/P4-07 Hole, M.J.Model/Data Fusion: Developing Bayesian Inversion to constrain Equilibrium and Mode Structure
EXC/P4-08 Nagaoka, K.Heat and Momentum Transport of Ion Internal Transport Barrier Plasmas on Large Helical Device
EXC/P4-09 Neudatchin, S.V.ITB Formation During Slow Electron and Ion Heat Pulse Propagation in Tokamaks
EXC/P4-10 Puiatti, M.E.Internal and Edge Electron Transport Barriers in the RFX-Mod Reversed Field Pinch
EXC/P4-11 Shimizu, A.Experimental Study of Potential Profile Formation in Large Helical Device
EXC/P4-12 Litaudon, X.Core Transport Properties in JT-60U and JET Identity Plasmas
EXC/P4-13 Picha, R.Scaling of Density Peaking for Plasma with Pellet Injection
EXS/P4-01 Duval, B.P.Momentum Transport In TCV Across Sawteeth Events
EXS/P4-02 Melnikov, A.V.Plasma Potential and Turbulence Dynamics in Toroidal Devices: Survey of T-10 and TJ-II Experiments
ICC/P4-01 Gates, D.A.Overview of the US Collaborative Program in Stellarator Experiments
THC/P4-01 Barnes, M.Shear Flow Suppression of Turbulent Transport and Self-Consistent Profile Evolution within a Multi-Scale Gyrokinetic Framework
THC/P4-02 Bottino, A.Global Nonlinear Gyrokinetic Simulations of Electromagnetic Turbulence in Tokamaks and Stellarators
THC/P4-03 Cappello, S.Equilibrium and Transport for Quasi Helical Reversed Field Pinches
THC/P4-04 Chang, C.S.Self-Consistent Simulation of Kinetic Pedestal Transport under RMP Penetration
THC/P4-05 del-Castillo-Negrete, D.Non-Local Transport Modeling of Heat Transport in LHD
THC/P4-06 Dif-Pradalier, G.Nonlocal Dynamics of Turbulence, Transport and Zonal Flows in Tokamak Plasmas
THC/P4-07 Dnestrovskij, Y.N.Canonical Profiles and Transport Model for Toroidal Rotation in Tokamak
THC/P4-08 Ethier, S.Global Gyrokinetic Simulation of Electron Temperature Gradient Turbulence and Transport in NSTX Plasmas
THC/P4-09 Fülöp, T.Impurity Transport driven by Electrostatic Turbulence in Tokamak Plasmas
THC/P4-10 Honda, M.Alpha Particle-Driven Toroidal Rotation in Burning Plasmas
THC/P4-11 Horton, W.Turbulence Impurity Transport Modeling for C-Mod and ITER
THC/P4-12 Hoshino, K.Inward Pinch of High-Z Impurity due to Atomic Processes in a Rotating Tokamak Plasma and the Effect of Radial Electric Field
THC/P4-13 Idomura, Y.Impact of Toroidal Rotation and Safety Factor on Ion Turbulent Transport in Tokamaks
THC/P4-14 Jolliet, S.Plasma Size Scaling of Avalanche-like Heat Transport in Tokamaks
THC/P4-15 Kasuya, N.Development of Turbulence Diagnostics on Three-Dimensional Fields Obtained by Numerical Simulations in Magnetically Confined Plasmas
THC/P4-16 Li, J.Q.Nonlinear Interaction Mechanisms of Multi-scale Multi-Mode MHD and Micro-turbulence in Magnetic Fusion Plasmas
THC/P4-17 Lin, Z.Size Scaling and Nondiffusive Features of Electron Heat Transport in Multi-Scale Turbulence
THC/P4-18 McDevitt, C.J.Developments in the Theory of Tokamak Flow Self-Organization
THC/P4-19 Miyato, N.Effects of Strong E×B Flow on Gyrokinetics
THC/P4-20 Nunami, M.Effects of Three-Dimensional Geometry and Collisions on Zonal Flows and Ion Temperature Gradient Modes in Helical Systems
THC/P4-21 Parra, F.I.Sources of Intrinsic Rotation in the Low Flow Ordering
THC/P4-22 Pastukhov, V.P.Nonlocal Response of Turbulent Plasma Transport in Tokamak Core on Fast Changes of Power Input
THC/P4-23 Poolyarat, N.Core-Edge Simulations of H-Mode Tokamak Plasmas using BALDUR and TASK/TR Codes
THC/P4-24 Scott, B.D.Gyrokinetic Studies of Turbulence, Equilibrium, and Flows in the Tokamak Edge
THC/P4-25 Singh, R.Intrinsic Toroidal and Poloidal Flow Generation in the Background of ITG Turbulence
THC/P4-26 Tangri, V.Gyrokinetic Simulation of Temperature Gradient Instability in the RFP
THC/P4-27 Terry, P.W.Saturation of Plasma Microturbulence by Damped Eigenmodes
THC/P4-28 Toda, S.Theoretical Transport Analysis of Density limit with Radial Electric Field in Helical Plasmas
THC/P4-29 Wakasa, A.Integrated Transport Simulation of LHD Plasmas using TASK3D
THC/P4-30 Wang, W.X.Characteristics of Turbulence Driven Multiple-Channel Transport in Tokamaks, and Comparison with Experiments
THC/P4-31 Zhang, W.L.Gyrokinetic Simulations of Energetic Particle Turbulence and Transport
THD/P4-01 Yarim, C.Neoclassical Approach to Angular Momentum Transport and Toroidal Rotation in Tokamak Plasmas
THS/P4-01 Futatani, S.Reversal of impurity pinch velocity in tokamak plasma with transport barriers
THS/P4-02 Pustovitov, V.D.Integral Torque Balance in the Problem of the Plasma Toroidal Rotation
THW/P4-01 Bass, E.M.Gyrokinetic Simulations of Energetic Particle Driven TAE/EPM Transport Embedded in ITG/TEM Turbulence
THW/P4-02 Gao, Z.Flow Generation Associated with RF Current Drive in a Tokamak Plasma
THW/P4-03 Murakami, S.Simulation Study of Toroidal Flow Generation by the ICRF Minority Heating