IAEA Fusion Energy Conference 2010

Proceedings of the 23rd IAEA Fusion Energy Conference
Daejeon, 11-16 October 2010

Organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency
and hosted by the Government of the Republic of Korea


Session P5 - 3D Equilibrium, Stability

PaperFirst AuthorTitle
EXC/P5-01 Chapman, B.E.Helical Structures and Improved Confinement in the MST RFP
EXC/P5-02 Hudson, B.ELM Suppression in DIII-D Hybrid Plasmas using n = 3 Resonant Magnetic Perturbations
EXC/P5-03 Khorshid, P.Edge Plasma Behavior during Externally Applied Positive Biasing and Resonant Magnetic Perturbation in IR-T1 Tokamak
EXS/P5-01 Bolzonella, T.Advanced Control of MHD Instabilities in RFX-mod
EXS/P5-02 Buratti, P.Kink Instabilities in High-Beta JET Advanced Scenarios
EXS/P5-03 Buttery, R.J.The Impact of 3D Fields on Tearing Mode Stability of H-Modes
EXS/P5-04 Chapman, I.T.Macroscopic Stability of High βN MAST Plasmas
EXS/P5-05 Forest, C.B.Observation of a Resistive Wall and Ferritic Wall Modes in a Line-tied, Screw Pinch with a Rotating Conducting Wally
EXS/P5-06 Gryaznevich, M.P.Determination of Plasma Stability using Resonant Field Amplification in JET
EXS/P5-07 In, Y.Error Field Correction in Unstable Resistive Wall Mode (RWM) Regime
EXS/P5-08 Jeon, Y.M.Equilibrium Reconstruction of KSTAR Plasmas with Large Uncertainty on Magnetics
EXS/P5-09 Maget, P.Non linear MHD Modelling of NTMs in JET Advanced Scenarios
EXS/P5-10 Marrelli, L.Three-Dimensional Physics Studies in RFX-Mod
EXS/P5-11 Masamune, S.Mode Structure of Global MHD Instabilities and its Effect on Plasma Confinement in LHD
EXS/P5-12 Park, J.K.Robust Correction of 3D Error Fields in Tokamaks including ITER
EXS/P5-13 Sakakibara, S.Exploration of Optimal High-beta Operation Regime by Magnetic Axis Swing in the Large Helical Device
EXS/P5-14 Sanpei, A.Characteristics of Extremely Deep Reversal and Quasi-Single-Helicity (QSH) States in a Low-aspect-ratio RFP
EXS/P5-15 Xiao, C.Control of MHD Instabilities in the STOR-M Tokamak using Resonant Helical Coils
THC/P5-01 Gómez-Iglesias, A.Distributed and Asynchronous Bees Algorithm Applied to Plasma Confinement
THC/P5-02 Herrera-Velázquez, J.J.E.3D-MAPTOR Code for Computation of Magnetic Fields in Tokamaks
THC/P5-03 Ito, A.Equilibrium and Stability of High-Beta Toroidal Plasmas with Toroidal and Poloidal Flow in Reduced Magnetohydrodynamic Models
THC/P5-04 Reiman, A.H.Equilibria with Stochastic Regions having Non-Zero Pressure Gradient
THS/P5-01 Agullo, O.Progress in Understanding the Multiscale Analysis of Magnetic Island Interacting with Turbulence in Tokamak
THS/P5-02 Beyer, P.Impact of the Geometry of Resonant Magnetic Perturbations on the Dynamics of Transport Barrier Relaxations at the Tokamak Edge
THS/P5-03 Cai, H.S.Tearing Modes in Electron Magnetohydrodynamics
THS/P5-04 Chu, M.S.Response of a Resistive and Rotating Tokamak to External Magnetic Perturbations Below the Alfvén Frequency
THS/P5-05 Furukawa, M.A Numerical Matching Technique for Resistive MHD Stability Analysis
THS/P5-06 Halpern, F.D.Non linear, Two Fluid Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of Internal Kink Mode in Tokamaks
THS/P5-07 Hao, G.Z.Effects of Turbulence Induced Viscosity and Plasma Flow on Resistive Wall Mode Stability
THS/P5-08 Ichiguchi, K.Multi-Scale MHD Analysis Incorporating Pressure Transport Equation for Beta-Increasing LHD Plasma
THS/P5-09 Janvier, M.A Mechanism of Structure Driven Nonlinear Instability of Double Tearing Mode in Reversed Magnetic Shear Plasmas
THS/P5-10 Liu, Y.Q.Modelling of Plasma Response to RMP Fields in MAST and ITER
THS/P5-11 Mirnov, V.V.Effects of Toroidal Geometry and FLR Nonlocality of Fast Ions on Tearing Modes in Reversed Field Pinch
THS/P5-12 Miura, H.Sub-grid scale Effects on Short-wave Instability in Magnetized Hall MHD Plasma
THS/P5-13 Shaing, K.C.Theory for Neoclassical Toroidal Plasma Viscosity in Tokamaks
THS/P5-14 Shiraishi, J.Analytic Theory of a Matching Problem Generalized for Stability Analysis of Resistive Wall Modes in Rotating Plasmas
ICC/P5-01 Asai, T.Active Stability Control of a High-Beta Self-Organized Compact Torus
ICC/P5-02 Belova, E.V.Two-Fluid Mechanism of Plasma Rotation in Field-Reversed Configuration
ICC/P5-03 Jarboe, T.R.Recent Results from the HIT-SI Experiment
ICC/P5-04 Oishi, T.Helical-Tokamak Hybridization Concepts for Compact Configuration Exploration and MHD Stabilization
ICC/P5-05 Ryzhkov, S.V.Modeling of High Density and Strong Magnetic Field Generation by Plasma Jet Compression
ICC/P5-06 Stork, D.The upgrade to the Mega Amp Spherical Tokamak