IAEA Fusion Energy Conference 2010

Proceedings of the 23rd IAEA Fusion Energy Conference
Daejeon, 11-16 October 2010

Organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency
and hosted by the Government of the Republic of Korea


Session P6 - IFE, FTP/2

PaperFirst AuthorTitle
FTP/P6-01 Azizov, E.Status of Project of Engineering-Physical Tokamak
FTP/P6-02 Goto, T.Importance of Helical Pitch Parameter in LHD-Type Heliotron Reactor Designs
FTP/P6-03 Hwang, Y.S.Conceptual Design Study of Superconducting Spherical Tokamak Reactor with a Self-Consistent System Analysis Code
FTP/P6-04 Kamada, Y.Research Regimes and Design Optimization of JT-60SA Device towards ITER and DEMO
FTP/P6-05 Na, H.K.Current Status and Facility Operation for the Third KSTAR Campaign
FTP/P6-06 Neilson, G.H.Progress toward Attractive Stellarators
FTP/P6-07 Simonen, T.C.A DT Neutron Source for Fusion Materials Development
FTP/P6-08 Tazhibayeva, I.Tokamak KTM Progress Activity for Preparation on First Plasma Start-up
FTP/P6-09 Yang, H.L.Status and Result of the KSTAR Upgrade for the 2010's Campaign
FTP/P6-10 Kuteev, B.V.Key Physics Issues of a Compact Tokamak Fusion Neutron Source
FTP/P6-11 Giruzzi, G.Objectives, Physics Requirements and Conceptual Design of an ECRH System for JET
FTP/P6-12 Imai, T.Development of Over-1 MW Gyrotrons for the LHD and the GAMMA 10 ECH Systems
FTP/P6-13 Kobayashi, T.Progress of High Power and Long Pulse ECRF System Development in JT-60
FTP/P6-14 Shiraiwa, S.Design and Commissioning of a Novel LHCD Launcher on Alcator C-Mod
FTP/P6-15 Takase, Y.Development of a Plasma Current Ramp-up Technique for Spherical Tokamaks by the Lower-Hybrid Wave
FTP/P6-16 Bae, Y.S.Commissioning Results of the KSTAR Neutral Beam System
FTP/P6-17 Hiwatari, R.Plasma Commissioning Scenario and Initial Tritium Inventory for Demo-CREST
FTP/P6-18 Konishi, S.Fusion-Biomass Hybrid Concept and its Implication in Fusion Development
FTP/P6-19 Mitarai, O.The High Density Ignition in FFHR Helical Reactor by Neutral Beam Injection (NBI) Heating
FTP/P6-20 Tobita, K.Concept of Power Core Components of the SlimCS Fusion DEMO Reactor
FTP/P6-21 Yanagi, N.Heat Flux Reduction by Helical Divertor Coils in the Heliotron Fusion Energy Reactor
FTP/P6-22 Ariola, M.The New JET Vertical Stabilization System with the Enhanced Radial Field Amplifier and its Relevance for ITER
FTP/P6-23 Cho, S.Y.Feasibility of Graphite Reflector in Tritium Breeding Blanket
FTP/P6-24 Lee, D.W.Progress on the Development of Fabrication Technology for the KO HCML TBM
FTP/P6-25 Fischer, U.Progress in R&D Efforts on Neutronics and Nuclear Data for Fusion Technology Applications
FTP/P6-26 Hassanein, A.Can ITER Devices Survive any Single Event of Various Plasma Instabilities?
FTP/P6-27 Nakanishi, H.Data Acquisition System for Steady State Experiments at Multi-Sites
FTP/P6-28 Park, S.H.Thermohydraulic Characteristics of KSTAR Magnet System using ITER-like Superconductors
FTP/P6-29 Peyrot, M.The JT-60SA Superconducting Magnetic System
FTP/P6-30 Takechi, M.Design Study of Plasma Control System on JT-60SA for High Beta Operation
FTP/P6-31 Tatematsu, Y.Development of Collective Thomson Scattering System using the Gyrotrons of sub-Tera Hz Region
FTP/P6-32 Titus, P.ELM and in-Vessel Coil Programs at PPPL for ITER, DIII-D, and JET
FTP/P6-33 Xu, Z.Y.Experimental Studies of MHD Flow in a Rectangular Duct with FCIs
FTP/P6-34 Rubel, M.J.Comprehensive First Mirror Test for ITER at JET with Carbon Walls
FTP/P6-35 El-Aragi, G.M.Detection of X-Ray from Micro-Focus Plasma (0.1 kJ)
FTP/P6-36 Salvador, M.Mexican Design of a Tokamak Experimental Facility
IFE/P6-01 Johzaki, T.Core Heating Scaling for Fast Ignition Experiment FIREX-I
IFE/P6-02 Stephens, R.B.Hot Electron Generation for Fast Ignition
IFE/P6-03 Hegelich, B.M.Experimental Demonstration of Key Parameters for Ion-based Fast Ignition
IFE/P6-04 Murakami, M.Progresses of Impact Ignition
IFE/P6-05 Matzen, M.K.M.Direct-Drive Concept for Z-Pinch Inertial Fusion
IFE/P6-06 Logan, B.G.Progress in U.S. Heavy Ion Fusion Research
IFE/P6-07 Weaver, J.L.Advantages of KrF Lasers for Inertial Confinement Fusion Energy
IFE/P6-08 Li, C.K.Measurements of Spontaneous Electromagnetic Fields, Plasma Flows, and Implosion Dynamics in Indirect-Drive Inertial-Confinement Fusion
IFE/P6-09 Batani, D.Proton Radiography and Fast Electron Propagation through Cylindrically Compressed Targets
IFE/P6-10 Desai, T.Control of Instabilities due to some Transient Processes in Laser Accelerated Target
IFE/P6-11 Kim, Y.Measurements of the Deuterium-Tritium Branching Ratio using ICF Implosions
IFE/P6-12 Nagatomo, H.Implosion Physics and Robust Target Design for Fast Ignition Realization Experiment
IFE/P6-13 Perkins, L.J.Investigation of the Potetial for High Gain, Shock-Ignition on the National Ignition Facility
IFE/P6-14 Nakao, Y.N.Ignition Regime and Burn Dynamics of DT-Seeded D3He Fuel for Fast Ignition Inertial Confinement Fusion
IFE/P6-15 Lei, Y.A.Low Density Volume Ignition assisted by High-Z Shell
IFE/P6-16 Hora, H.Laser-Plasma Interaction of Petawatt-Picosecond Laser Pulses with very High Contrast Ratio
IFE/P6-17 Kouhi, M.Resonance at 1H-11B Fusion applied for High Density Laser Driven Volume Ignition
IFE/P6-18 Kong, H.J.Coherent Tiled 4 Beam Combination by Phase Controlled Stimulated Brillouin Scattering Phase Conjugation Mirrors toward the Practical Laser Fusion Driver
IFE/P6-19 Kalal, M.Self-Navigation of Laser Drivers on Injected IFE Direct Drive Pellets
IFE/P6-20 Ivanovsky, A.V.Use of Super-Power Disk Explosive Magnetic Generators to Ignite a Target by Indirect Radiation of Z-Pinch X-Rays
IFE/P6-21 Norimatsu, T.Stagnation of Ablated Metal Vapor in Laser Fusion Reactor with Liquid Wall
IFE/P6-22 Juárez, R.Overview on Neutronics, Safety and Radiological Protection of HiPER Facilty
IFE/P6-23 Alvarez, J.The Role of the Spatial and Temporal Radiation Deposition in Inertial Fusion Chambers: The Case of HiPER
IFE/P6-24 Cuesta-Lopez, S.Modeling Advanced Materials for Nuclear Fusion Technology
IFE/P6-25 Gonzalez-Arrabal, R.Study of diffusion and retention of light species (H and He) in pure W and W-based materials
IFE/P6-26 Hamza, A.V.Target Fabrication for the National Ignition Facility and for Inertial Fusion Energy
IFE/P6-27 Homma, H.Recent Development of Target Fabrication and Fuel Layering Technique for FIREX project
IFE/P6-28 Khaydarov, R.T.Effect of Neutron Irradiation on the Characteristics of Laser Produced Plasma