IAEA Fusion Energy Conference 2010

Proceedings of the 23rd IAEA Fusion Energy Conference
Daejeon, 11-16 October 2010

Organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency
and hosted by the Government of the Republic of Korea


Session P1 - ITER, Fusion Technology

PaperFirst AuthorTitle
ITR/P1-01 Afanasyev, V.I.Neutral Particle Analysis on ITER: Present Status and Prospects
ITR/P1-02 Boivin, R.L.R&D ITPA Activities in Support of Optimizing ITER Diagnostic Performance
ITR/P1-03 Chugunov, I.N.Development of Gamma-Ray Diagnostics for ITER
ITR/P1-04 Lee, H.G.Status of Design and R&D for the Korean ITER Diagnostic Systems
ITR/P1-05 Litnovsky, A.Mirrors for ITER Diagnostics: New R&D Developments, Assessment of the Mirror Lifetime and Impact of the Mirror Failure on ITER Performance
ITR/P1-06 Mukhin, E.E.First Optics in ITER: Material Choice and Deposition Prevention/Cleaning Techniques
ITR/P1-07 Walsh, M.J.Overview of High Priority ITER Diagnostic Systems Status
ITR/P1-08 Bazylev, B.Simulations of Material Damage and High Energy Fluxes to ITER Divertor and First Wall during Transients and Runaway Electron Loads
ITR/P1-09 Callis, R.W.Testing of ITER-Class ECH Transmission Line Components at the JAEA Radio-Frequency Test Stand
ITR/P1-10 Henderson, M.A.An Overview of the ITER EC H&CD System and Functional Capabilities
ITR/P1-11 Mayoral, M.L.On Maximizing the ICRF Antenna Loading for ITER Plasmas
ITR/P1-12 Schreck, S.Prototype Manufacturing and Testing of Components of the ECH Upper Launcher for ITER
ITR/P1-13 Sonato, P.The ITER Neutral Beam Test Facility in Padua - Italy: a Joint International Effort for the Development of the ITER Heating Neutral Beam Injector Prototype
ITR/P1-14 Suzuki, T.Experimental Investigation And Validation of Neutral Beam Current Drive for ITER through ITPA Joint Experiments
ITR/P1-15 Tobari, H.Development of Full-size Mockup bushing for 1 MeV ITER NB System
ITR/P1-16 Bandyopadhyay, I.TSC Modelling of Major Disruption and VDE Events in NSTX and ASDEX-Upgrade and Predictions for ITER
ITR/P1-17 Blackler, K.ITER Machine Assembly - Status & Plans
ITR/P1-18 Bora, D.Progress on the Development of the ITER Control System
ITR/P1-19 Casper, T.A.Development of the ITER Baseline Inductive Scenario
ITR/P1-20 Imbeaux, F.Current Ramps in Tokamaks: from Present Experiments to ITER Scenarios
ITR/P1-21 Kakudate, S.Progress in Development of the Blanket Remote Handling System for ITER
ITR/P1-22 Kessel, C.E.Development of ITER Advanced Hybrid and Steady State Scenarios
ITR/P1-23 Khimchenko, L.N.Progress in High Energy Load Test of Beryllium, Tungsten and CFC for ITER First Wall and Divertor
ITR/P1-24 Roth, J.Consequences of Deuterium Retention and Release from Be-containing Mixed Materials for ITER Tritium Inventory Control
ITR/P1-25 Stober, J.ECRH Assisted Plasma Start-up with Toroidally Inclined Launch: Multi-Machine Comparison and Perspectives for ITER
ITR/P1-26 Wesley, J.C.Disruption, Halo Current and Rapid Shutdown Database Activities for ITER
ITR/P1-27 Baylor, L.R.Shattered Pellet Disruption Mitigation Technology Development for ITER
ITR/P1-28 Maruyama, S.ITER Fuelling System Design and Challenges - Gas and Pellet Injection and Disruption Mitigation
ITR/P1-29 Budny, R.V.Benchmarking ICRF Simulations for ITER
ITR/P1-30 Fenstermacher, M.E.ELM Control by Resonant Magnetic Perturbations: Overview of Research by the ITPA Pedestal and Edge Physics Group
ITR/P1-31 Garkusha, I.E.Experimental Simulation of ITER ELMs Impacts to the Tungsten Surfaces with QSPA Kh-50
ITR/P1-32 Konovalov, S.Characterization of Runaway Electrons in ITER
ITR/P1-33 Kukushkin, A.S.ITER Divertor Performance in the Low Activation Phase
ITR/P1-34 Minashin, P.V.Electron Cyclotron Power Losses in ITER for 2D Profile of Magnetic Field
ITR/P1-35 Murakami, M.Integrated Modeling of Steady-State Scenarios and Heating and Current Drive Mixes for ITER
ITR/P1-36 Shinohara, K.3D Effect of Ferromagnetic Materials on Alpha Particle Power Loads on First Wall Structures and Equilibrium on ITER
ITR/P1-37 Boeuf, J.P.Physics and Modeling of the Negative Ion Source fot the ITER Neutral Beam Injection
ITR/P1-38 Bayon, A.Results of the Prototype EB-Welded Segment for the ITER Vacuum Vessel
ITR/P1-39 Chang, M.H.Unit Operation Analysis of the Tritium Plant Storage and Delivery System in ITER
ITR/P1-40 Choi, J.Study on the Impact of Plasma Disruption on the Current Control of the ITER Coil Power Supply
ITR/P1-41 Chung, W.Status of Design and R&D Activities for ITER Thermal Shield
ITR/P1-42 Kim, B.C.Fabrication Design Progress of ITER Vacuum Vessel in Korea
ITR/P1-43 Kim, D.H.Current Activities on Design and Development of ITER Blanket Shield Block
ITR/P1-44 Kim, B.Y.Status on the Development of the Fabrication Technology and the Mock-up Qualification Tests for the ITER Blanket First Wall
ITR/P1-45 Lee, P.Y.R&D of the Fabrication Technology for ITER Magnet Supports
ITR/P1-46 Liu, X.Characterization of Chinese Beryllium as the Candidate Armour Material for ITER First Wall
ITR/P1-47 Nam, K.O.Status of Design and R&D for ITER Sector Sub-Assembly Tools
ITR/P1-48 Oh, J.S.Status of the Korean R&D Program on the ITER Coil Power Converters
ITR/P1-50 Takahashi, Y.Technology Development for the Manufacture of Nb3Sn Conductors for ITER Toroidal Field coils
ITR/P1-51 Prokopec, R.Radiation Resistant Insulation Systems for the ITER Toroidal Field Coils
ITR/P1-52 Wei, J.R&D of the ITER Correction Coil Magnet System
ITR/P1-53 Wikman, S.Recent Development and Qualification of Materials for ITER
ITR/P1-54 Zacchia, F.Fabrication and Testing of the EU FW Qualification Mock-up
ITR/P1-55 Zhou, T.R&D on 52 kA HTS Trial Current Lead for ITER
FTP/P1-01 Ahn, M.Y.A.Thermal Diffusivity Measurement of Graphite Pebble Bed by Laser Flash Method
FTP/P1-02 Chikada, T.Surface Behavior in Deuterium Permeation through Erbium Oxide Coating
FTP/P1-03 Chung, H.Manufacturing and Heat Transfer Tests of a Rectangular Tray-Type Tritium Getter Bed
FTP/P1-04 Day, C.Considerations towards the Fuel Cycle of a Steady-State DT Fusion Device
FTP/P1-05 Fukumoto, N.Development of a Neutral Particle Flow Fueling System by using a Compact Torus Plasma Injector for LHD
FTP/P1-06 Qian, X.J.Gas Chromatography Separation of H2-D2-Ar using Pd/K
FTP/P1-07 Yun, S.H.Variation of PCT Isotherm in the Disproportionated ZrCo
FTP/P1-08 Zalavutdinov, R.K.A-C:H Film Removal from and Oxidation of W and Mo in H2/Air Glow and Afterglow Discharge
FTP/P1-09 Huang, Z.Y.Measurement of Deuterium Diffusion and Permeation in Several Stainless Steels
FTP/P1-10 Anikeev, A.V.A Fusion Neutron Source for the Incineration of Radioactive Waste based on the Gas Dynamic Trap
FTP/P1-11 Kotschenreuther, M.Nearer Term Fission-Fusion Hybrids: Recent Results
FTP/P1-12 Sahin, S.Fissile Fuel Breeding and Actinide Transmutation in an Inertial Fusion Energy Reactor
FTP/P1-13 Wu, Y.A Fusion-Fission Reactor Concept based on Viable Technologies
FTP/P1-14 Zhou, Z.Study on Fission Blanket Fuel Cycling of a Fusion-Fission Hybrid Energy Generation System
FTP/P1-15 Armstrong, D.E.J.Micro-Mechanical Testing and Nanoindentation of Tungsten alloys for Fusion Applications
FTP/P1-16 Baluc, N.From Materials Development to their Test in IFMIF: an Overview
FTP/P1-17 Barnes, C.W.Radiation Damage from Atomic to Meso-Scales in Extreme Environments
FTP/P1-18 Hishinuma, Y.Development of Low Activation Superconducting Material for the Feedback Coil operated around Core D-T Plasma
FTP/P1-19 Kondo, H.Engineering Design and Construction of IFMIF/EVEDA Lithium Test Loop
FTP/P1-20 Kondo, M.Flow Assisted Corrosion and Erosion-Corrosion of RAFM Steel in Liquid Breeders
FTP/P1-21 Nagura, M.Corrosion Control of Er2O3 in Li as Insulating Material for Liquid Li Blanket System
FTP/P1-22 Nishimura, A.14 MeV Neutron Irradiation Effect on Superconducting Properties of Nb3Sn Strand for Fusion Magnet
FTP/P1-23 Wakai, E.Status of Japanese Design and Validation Activities of Test Facilities in IFMIF/ EVEDA
FTP/P1-24 Wang, P.H.Research and Development of Reduced Activation Ferritic/Martensitic Steel CLF-1 in SWIP
FTP/P1-25 Delaporte, P.Why using Laser for Dust Removal from Tokamaks
FTP/P1-26 Douai, D.Recent Results on ICRF Assisted Wall Conditioning in Mid and Large Size Tokamaks
FTP/P1-27 Krasheninnikov, S.I.On First Wall and Dust Issues in Fusion Devices
FTP/P1-28 Missirlian, M.Consequences of Fatigue on Heat Flux Removal Capabilities of W Actively Cooled Plasma Facing Components
FTP/P1-29 Sakurai, S.Design and Development of Lower Divertor for JT-60SA
FTP/P1-30 Song, Y.T.Fully Actively-cooled in-vessel Components of EAST Tokamak
FTP/P1-31 Wong, C.P.C.Plasma Facing Material Selection: A Critical Issue for Magnetic Fusion Power Development
FTP/P1-32 Hong, S.H.On the Spherical Dusts in Fusion Devices
FTP/P1-33 Nakashima, Y.Generation and Characterization of High Heat-Flux Plasma-Flow for Divertor Simulation Studies using a Large Tandem Mirror Device
FTP/P1-34 Vertkov, A.V.Development of Liquid Lithium Limiter for Stellarotor TJ-II