IAEA Fusion Energy Conference 2010

Proceedings of the 23rd IAEA Fusion Energy Conference
Daejeon, 11-16 October 2010

Organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency
and hosted by the Government of the Republic of Korea


Session P7 PD - Waves, Energetic Particles

PaperFirst AuthorTitle
EXC/P7-01 Schmitz, L.Reduced Electron Thermal Transport in Low Collisionality H-mode Plasmas in DIII-D and the Importance of Small-Scale Turbulence
EXS/P7-01 Kiptily, V.G.Studies of MHD Effects on Fast Ions: towards Burning Plasma with ITER-like Wall on JET
EXS/P7-02 Nguyen, C.Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of the Destabilization of Modes by Fast Particles in Tore-Supra
EXW/P7-01 Anderson, J.K.Radiofrequency Current Drive Experiments on MST
EXW/P7-02 Cesario, R.Lower Hybrid Current Drive at Densities Required for Thermonuclear Reactors
EXW/P7-03 Ding, B.J.Recent Experiments of Lower Hybrid Wave-Plasma Coupling and Current Drive in EAST Tokamak
EXW/P7-04 Durodié, F.Latest Achievements of the JET ICRF Systems in View of ITER
EXW/P7-05 Ekedahl, A.First Experimental Results with the ITER-Relevant Lower Hybrid Current Drive Launcher in Tore Supra
EXW/P7-06 Fredrickson, E.D.Observation of Global Alfvèn Eigenmode Avalanche-like Events on the National Spherical Torus Experiment
EXW/P7-07 García-Muñoz, M.Fast-Ion Transport Induced by Alfvén Eigenmodes in ASDEX Upgrade
EXW/P7-08 Gusev, V.K.Investigation of Beam- and Wave-Plasma Interaction in the Globus-M Spherical Tokamak
EXW/P7-09 Isobe, M.Characteristics of Anomalous Transport and Losses of Energetic Ions caused by Alfvénic Modes in LHD Plasmas
EXW/P7-10 Kramer, G.J.Fast Ion Effects during Test Blanket Module Simulation Experiments in DIII D
EXW/P7-11 Kwak, J.GFirst Results from ICRF Heating Experiment in KSTAR
EXW/P7-12 LeBlanc, B.P.Recent Developments in High-Harmonic Fast Wave Physics in NSTX
EXW/P7-13 Li, X.L.Neutron Flux Measurements in ICRF Mode Conversion Plasmas on HT-7
EXW/P7-14 Lilley, M.K.Nonlinear Evolution of Beam Driven Waves on MAST
EXW/P7-15 Liu, YiStudies on Neutral Beam Ion Confinement and MHD Induced Fast-Ion Loss on HL-2A Tokamak
EXW/P7-16 Lu, H.W.Investigation of Fast Pitch Angle Scattering of Runaway Electrons in the EAST Tokamak
EXW/P7-17 Eliseev, L.G.HIBP Study of Alfvén Eigenmodes Properties and Dynamics in the TJ-II Stellarator
EXW/P7-18 Meo, F.Comparison of central fast ion distributions between plasmas with on-axis and off-axis NBI current drive on ASDEX Upgrade
EXW/P7-19 Nagasaki, K.Experimental Study of Second Harmonic ECCD in Heliotron J
EXW/P7-20 Nielsen, S.K.Dynamics of Fast Ions during Sawtooth Oscillations in the TEXTOR Tokamak measured by Collective Thomson Scattering
EXW/P7-21 Noterdaeme, J.M.Advances in ICRF Physics and Technology on ASDEX Upgrade
EXW/P7-22 Osakabe, M.Evaluation of Fast-Ion Confinement with Three Dimensional Magnetic Field Configurations on LHD
EXW/P7-23 Podesta, M.Non-linear Dynamics of Toroidicity-induced Alfvén Eigenmodes on NSTX
EXW/P7-24 Shi, Y.Investigation of Runaway Electron Beam in EAST
EXW/P7-25 Höhnle, H.Extension of the ECRH Operational Space with O2 and X3 Heating Schemes to Control Tungsten Accumulation in ASDEX Upgrade
EXW/P7-26 Tardocchi, M.Production and Diagnosis of Energetic Particles in FAST
EXW/P7-27 Testa, D.Recent JET Experiments on Alfvén Eigenmodes with Intermediate Toroidal Mode Numbers: Measurements and Modelling
EXW/P7-28 Wallace, G.M.Reduction of Lower Hybrid Current Drive at High Density in Alcator C-Mod
EXW/P7-29 Yang, Y.A New 4 MW LHCD System for EAST
EXW/P7-30 Zhang, X.J.Physics and Engineering Aspects of the ICRF Heating System on EAST
EXW/P7-31 Idei, H.Phased-Array Antenna System for Electron Bernstein Wave Heating and Current Drive Experiments in QUEST
EXW/P7-32 Jacquet, P.Heat-Loads on JET Plasma Facing Components from ICRF and LH Wave Absorption in the Scrape-off-Layer
THS/P7-01 He, H.D.Second Stable Regime of Internal Kink Modes Excited by Barely Passing Energetic Ions in Tokamak Plasmas
THS/P7-02 Hirota, M.Lagrangian Approach to Resonant Three-mode Interaction in Magnetohydrodynamics
THW/P7-01 Bonoli, P.T.Validation of Simulation Capability for RF Wave Propagation and Absorption in the Ion Cyclotron Range of Frequencies on Alcator C-Mod
THW/P7-02 Breizman, B.N.Spontaneous Formation and Evolution of Nonlinear Energetic Particle Modes with Time-Dependent Frequencies
THW/P7-03 Bustos, A.Kinetic Simulations of Fast Ions in Stellarators
THW/P7-04 Cardinali, A.Energetic Particle Physics in FAST H-Mode Scenario with Combined NNBI and ICRH
THW/P7-05 Chen, L.Verification of Gyrokinetic Particle Simulation of Alfvén Eigenmodes excited by External Antenna and by Fast Ions
THW/P7-06 Choi, M.Finite Orbit Monte-Carlo Simulation of Ion Cyclotron Resonant Heating Scenarios in DIII-D, NSTX, KSTAR and ITER
THW/P7-07 Farengo, R.Alpha Particle Heating and Current Drive in FRCs and Spherical Tokamaks
THW/P7-08 Günter, S.The Influence of Plasma Shaping Effects on the Damping of Toroidal Alfvén Eigenmodes
THW/P7-09 Harvey, R.W.Comparison of Quasi-linear and Exact Ion Cyclotron Resonant Heating Diffusion, with and without Finite Width Ion Orbits
THW/P7-11 Lesur, M.Estimation of Kinetic Parameters based on Chirping Alfvén Eigenmodes
THW/P7-12 Marchenko, V.S.Low-Frequency Global Alfven Eigenmodes in Hybrids with Perpendicular Neutral Beam Injection
THW/P7-13 Papp, G.Runaway Electron Drift Orbits in Magnetostatic Perturbed Fields
THW/P7-14 Sorokina, E.A.Collisionless Evolution of Isotropic Alpha-Particle Distribution in a Tokamak
THW/P7-15 Vdovin, V.L.3D Full Wave Code Modeling of ECRF Plasma Heating in Tokamaks and ITER at Fundamental and Second Harmonics
THW/P7-16 Castejón, F.Electron Bernstein Driven and Bootstrap Current Estimations in the TJ-II Stellarator
THW/P7-17 Yavorskij, V.Interpretive Modelling of Neutral Particle Fluxes generated by NBI Ions in JET
ICC/P7-01 Inomoto, M.Kinetic Behaviors of Energetic Ions in Oblate Field-Reversed Configuration
ICC/P7-02 Takeno, H.Improvement of Cusp Type and Traveling Wave Type Plasma Direct Energy Converters Applicable to Advanced Fusion Reactor
PD/P-01 Toi, K.Role of Low-Order Rational Surfaces in Transport Barrier Formation on the Large Helical Device
PD/P-02 Miki, K.Novel States of Pre-Transition Edge Turbulence Emerging from Shearing Mode Competition
PD/P-03 Sid, A.Fusion Reaction Burn in Cylindrical Magnetized Target