IAEA Fusion Energy Conference 2010

Proceedings of the 23rd IAEA Fusion Energy Conference
Daejeon, 11-16 October 2010

Organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency
and hosted by the Government of the Republic of Korea


Session P8 - Turbulence, Zonal Flows & GAMs

PaperFirst AuthorTitle
EXC/P8-01 Almagri, A.F.Non-Collisional Ion Heating and Magnetic Turbulence in the RFP
EXC/P8-02 Bagryansky, P.A.Vortex confinement of hot ion plasma with beta=0.6 in axially symmetric magnetic mirror
EXC/P8-03 Nunes, I.Confinement and Edge Studies towards Low ρ* and ν* at JET
EXC/P8-04 Field, A.R.Plasma Rotation and Transport in MAST Spherical Tokamak
EXC/P8-05 Funaba, H.Local Transport Property of Reactor-Relevant High-Beta Plasmas on LHD
EXC/P8-06 Guirlet, R.Particle Transport in Vanishing Turbulence Conditions in the Tore Supra Plasma Core
EXC/P8-07 Kitajima, S.Electrode Biasing Experiment in the Large Helical Device
EXC/P8-08 Labit, B.Transport and Turbulence with Innovative Plasma Shapes in the TCV Tokamak
EXC/P8-09 Fasoli, A.Turbulence and Transport in Simple Magnetized Toroidal Plasmas
EXC/P8-10 Lebedev, S.V.Ohmic and NBI Heating in the TUMAN-3M with Increased Toroidal Magnetic Field
EXC/P8-11 Mizuuchi, T.Fueling Control for Improving Plasma Performance in Heliotron J
EXC/P8-12 Sartori, R.Comparison between Dominant NBI and Dominant ICRH Heated ELMy H-Mode Discharges in JET
EXC/P8-13 Martin, Y.Impurity Transport in TCV: Neoclassical and Turbulent Contributions
EXC/P8-14 Shi, Z.B.Improved Core Transport Triggered by Off-axis ECRH Switch-off on the HL-2A Tokamak
EXC/P8-15 Takahashi, H.High Te, Low Collisional Plasma Confinement Characteristics in LHD
EXC/P8-16 Tamura, N.Edge-Core Interaction Revealed with Dynamic Transport Experiment in LHD
EXC/P8-17 Urano, H.Comparison of Pedestal Characteristics in JET & JT-60U Similarity Experiments under Variable Toroidal Field Ripple
EXC/P8-18 Valovič, M.Energy Confinement and Pellet Fuelling in MAST
EXC/P8-19 Vermare, L.Impact of Collisionality on Fluctuation Characteristics of Micro-Turbulence
EXC/P8-20 Xiao, W.W.Particle Transport Investigation in HL-2A using ECRH and SMBI
EXC/P8-21 Yoshikawa, M.Fluctuation Suppression during the ECH induced Potential Formation in the Tandem Mirror GAMMA 10
EXC/P8-22 Yu, D.L.Fuelling Efficiency and Penetration of Supersonic Molecular Beam Injection in HL-2A Tokamak Plasmas
EXC/P8-23 Zurro, B.Transport Studies Using Laser Blow-Off injection of Low-Z Trace Impurities Injected into the TJ-II Stellarator
EXS/P8-01 Kuznetsov, Yu.K.Long-range Correlations and Impurity and MHD Effects on Saw-tooth Oscillation in TCABR Tokamak Biasing and Alfvén Heating Experiments
EXS/P8-02 Narushima, Y.Experimental Study of Poloidal Flow Effect on Magnetic Island Dynamics in LHD and TJ-II
THC/P8-01 Gott, Y.V.Supression of Trapped Particle Transportin Tilt Tokamaks with High Pressure Plasmas
THC/P8-02 Gürcan, Ö.D.Dynamics of Wave-Number Spectrum of Plasma Turbulence
THC/P8-03 Hahm, T.S.Fine Scale Zonal Flow Dynamics and Its Effect on Isotopic Dependence of Confinement
THC/P8-04 Hallatschek, K.Control of Turbulent Transport by GAMs
THC/P8-05 Tokunaga, S.Equilibrium Flow Shear and Magnetic Shear Effect on Zonal Flow Generation and Toroidal Mode Coupling
THS/P8-01 Ilgisonis, V.I.Geodesic Acoustic Modes in Rotating Large Aspect Ratio Tokamak Plasmas
THS/P8-02 Lakhin, V.P.Turbulent Generation of Flows and Magnetic Field at the Rational Magnetic Surfaces of a Tokamak
THS/P8-03 Mykhaylenko, V.S.Integrated Non-Modal Linear and Renormalized Nonlinear Approach to the Theory of Drift Turbulence in Plasma Shear Flow
THS/P8-04 Rajković, M.Spatiotemporal Chaos, Stochasticity and Transport in Toroidal Magnetic Configurations
THS/P8-05 Zhang, H.S.Linear and Nonlinear Properties of Geodesic Acoustic Mode and Beta-inducded Alfvén Eigenmode
THW/P8-01 Qiu, Z.Y.Kinetic Theories of Geodesic Acoustic Mode in Toroidal Plasmas
THW/P8-02 Smolyakov, A.I.Physics of Geodesic Acoustic Modes
THW/P8-03 Wang, A.K.A Simplified Momentum Conservation Analysis on Transport Reduction induced by Zonal Flow and Turbulent Dissipations