IAEA Fusion Energy Conference 2010

Proceedings of the 23rd IAEA Fusion Energy Conference
Daejeon, 11-16 October 2010

Organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency
and hosted by the Government of the Republic of Korea


(ITR/P1-15) Development of Full-size Mockup bushing for 1 MeV ITER NB System

H. Tobari1), T. Inoue1), M. Hanada1), M. Dairaku1), K. Watanabe1), N. Umeda1), M. Taniguchi1), M. Kashiwagi1), H. Yamanaka1), J. Takemoto1), K. Tsuchida1), K. Sakamoto1), M. Tanaka2), M. Kuriyama2), R. Hemsworth2)
1) Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA), 801-1 Mukouyama, Naka 311-0193, Japan
2) ITER Organization, Cadarache Centre, 13067 St Paul lez Durance Cedex, France

Abstract.  In order to verify a feasibility of a high voltage bushing for the ITER NB system, development of brazing technique of a meter-class ceramic ring, manufacturing and voltage holding test of a full-size single-stage mockup were performed in JAEA. To satisfy mechanical strength and voltage holding capability required on the bushing, design modifications based on mechanical and electric field analyses were applied to the full-size mockup. Results of high voltage test showed a stable voltage holding for over voltage at -240 kV for two hours and a long period operation at -220 kV for five hours, which was a first demonstration of high voltage insulation required in the ITER NB system.

Full paper available (PDF)