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Physics Section


First IAEA Technical Meeting on

”First Generation of Fusion Power Plants - Design and Technology"


5 – 7 July 2005

Vienna, Austria


Author Instructions

Meeting Coordinates


Evening Session



Following recommendation from the International Fusion Research Council, the IAEA will organise a series of Technical Meetings (TM's) on the subject of fusion power plants aiming at outline general guidance and recommendations on issues related to the design and technology of first generation fusion power plants, their social, economic, safety and environmental implications.


The present TM series will look in an integrated way at all the aspects that are anticipated to become relevant within the next two generations, when a first power plant prototype is expected to be in operation leading to the first generation of commercial power plants with attractive safety and environmental features and viable economics. In addition to electricity generation, the generation of mobile power (e.g. hydrogen) will be considered. The requirements arising for fusion development (including plasma physics, materials and human resources) will also be addressed.

It is expected that during these meetings the major areas of relevance will have been identified and assessed and some recommendations and guidelines could be assembled to inform the direction of future research and development activities


- (PPCA) Fusion power plant concepts and systems analysis.

- (M&R) Maintenance, reliability and availability.

- (CD) Component design and analysis.

- (MP) Materials and plasma requirements.

- (ME) Mobile energy production

- (SESE) Social, economic, safety and environmental aspects


The meeting will have invited and contributed oral papers presented in sessions devoted to special topics with subsequent discussions. It is expected that invited talks, as keynotes for the session, will be 40 minutes plus 10 minutes discussion and session talks will be ~20 minutes with ~5 minutes for discussion. An overhead projector for transparencies and an electronic projector with a computer capable of reading CD's and memory sticks will be available (Power Point recommended).

The official language of the meeting is English (no interpretation will be provided). It is expected that the meeting will start at 09:00 on 5 July 2005 and end by 17:45 on 7 July 2005. A short summary of the meeting, including recommendations, will be written and approved during the last session (1,30 H).


Submission from 1 March to 31 March 2005

Anyone wishing to present a paper or poster during this meeting must submit an abstract.

The abstract shall be prepared according to the following instructions:

1) Page size: A4 (297mm by 210 mm) – vertical orientation

2) Margins 25mm all around

3) Layout:

                        Title: single-spaced, 14-point size, Times New Roman Font, bold
Authors: single-spaced, 12-point size, Times New Roman Font
                        Affiliation: single-spaced, 12-point size, Times New Roman Font, italic
                        Text: 1.5 spaced, 12-point size, Times New Roman Font
                        Length: one page

A Book of Abstracts will be compiled for distribution at the meeting to every participant.


A manuscript shall be prepared for inclusion on the meeting proceedings published by IAEA (it will be available on the web and will include presentations as well).

·            10 pages A4 2,5 cm margin all around, single column

·            Title: single-spaced, centred 14-point size, Times New Roman Font, bold

·            Authors: single-spaced, centred, 12-point size, Times New Roman Font

·            Abstract single-spaced, justified, 10-point size, Times New Roman Font

·            Body text 1.5 –spaced, justified, 11-point size, Times New Roman (TNR) font

·            Paragraph after: 12 pt

·            Sections' headings: sequential Roman numbering, 11-point size, left intend, ALL CAPS, bold

·            clear readable figures, graphs and tables

·            text for figures and graphs axis of 10-point size, Arial, font

·            use of adequate graph scale to avoid long numbers in the scale axis (i.e. 1 (cm) or 1 (x10-2 m) instead of 0.01 (m)


Authors must submit a signed Form B to the IAEA for copyright proposes.

Electronic versions of papers will be collected at the meeting.

A summary report of the meeting will be prepared for submission to the “Nuclear Fusion” journal.

Authors are encouraged to submit their papers to Fusion Engineering and Design.


About 40 persons from IAEA Member States or international organizations are expected to attend. Participants should be persons actively involved in the topics of the meeting.

In order to participate in the meeting, these major steps must be completed:

1) Abstract Submission

A one page abstract must be submitted between 1 March and 31 March 2005. The abstract may be text only or contain figures and graphics, but must be only one page. The abstract must contain the authors' names, affiliation and email address. Please include the meeting title in the subject line. Acceptable file formats are Microsoft Word (preferred) or PDF. The filename should be in the following format: "lastname-firstname.filetype".

Submit the abstract by email to or by post or fax to the IAEA Scientific Secretary,


Artur Malaquias

NAPC, Physics Section

International Atomic Energy Agency

Office A2309

Wagramer Str. 5, P.O. Box 100, A1400 Vienna, Austria

Tel.: +43 1 2600-21707, FAX: +43 1 26007-21707

The authors must make sure that the files do not include copyrighted fonts or other impediments for reproduction.

The abstracts will be selected and classified by the International Advisory Committee.

Authors will be informed of the acceptance and placement of their contributions by email, by 22 of April 2005.


2) IAEA participation and copyright forms.

A participant will be accepted only if the Participation Form A is transmitted through the appropriate Governmental representative authority (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Atomic Energy Authority).

You also need to send a completed Author Form B with the abstract of your presentation to the IAEA.


The costs for the organization of the meeting are borne by the host organization and the IAEA. No registration fee will be charged to participants.

As a general rule, the IAEA does not pay the cost for attendance to the meeting (i.e. travel and living expenses) of participants. However, limited funds are available to help meet the cost of attendance and participation of a few selected specialists mainly from developing countries with low economic resources. Generally, not more than one grant will be awarded to any one country. The grants awarded will be in the form of lump sums usually covering part of the cost of attendance.

If governments wish to apply for a grant on behalf of one of their specialists, they should address specific requests to the IAEA Scientific Secretary at the International Atomic Energy Agency to this effect. Governments should ensure that applications for grants:

a) are received by the IAEA before end of March 2005

b) are accompanied by a duly completed and signed Grant Form C and an estimate of a valid travel agent of the flight costs from/to the duty city in their country and Vienna.

Applications that do not comply with the conditions mentioned above cannot be considered.

Awards will be announced around 30 April 2005.



Designated participants who require a visa to enter Austria should submit the necessary application to the nearest diplomatic or consular representative of Austria as soon as possible. A letter of invitation, if needed, has to be requested from the Secretariat in the Physics Section,

Ms. Judy Glueck

NAPC, Physics Section

International Atomic Energy Agency

Office A2374

Wagramer Str. 5, P.O. Box 100, A1400 Vienna, Austria

Tel.: +43 1 2600-21755, FAX: +43 1 26007-21755



31 March 2005 - Submittal by email, fax or post of abstracts according to the instructions above for paper selection.

31 March 2005 - Request to the IAEA for financial support

22 April 2005 – Participants will be informed about the acceptance of their papers

30 April 2005 – Grant awards

5 July 2005 – Meeting begins – please bring an electronic word or pdf file of your paper to be collected by the IAEA Scientific Secretary.



Guenter Janeschitz        FZK, Germany

Yuanxi Wan                              IPP, China

Valery Chuyanov                        ITER-Garching, Germany

Ian Cook                                   UKAEA, UK

David Maisonnier                        EFDA, EU

Jean Jacquinot               CEA Cadarache, France

Farrokh Najmabadi         ARIES.UCSD, USA

Satoshi Konishi                       IAE, Kyoto University, Japan


Local Organizer and Scientific Secretary

Mr. Artur Malaquias

NAPC Physics Section

International Atomic Energy Agency

Office A2309

Wagramer Str. 5, P.O. Box 100, A1400 Vienna, Austria

Tel.: +43 1 2600-21707, FAX: +43 1 26007-21707