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Physics Section 


Coordinated Research Projects


Project Task/Code Title Project Officer
I.2.04⁄F11012 Neutron based techniques for the detection of illicit materials and explosives. Duration: 2005-2010 Françoise Mulhauser
D.2.01⁄F12015 Development of improved sources and imaging systems for neutron radiography.
Duration: 2003-2006
Shriniwas Paranjpe
D.3.01⁄F12016 Ion beam modification of insulators.
Duration: 2004-2008
Françoise Mulhauser
D.3.01⁄F12017 Development of new techniques and applications of accelerator mass spectrometry.
Duration: 2004-2008
Nikolai Dytlewski
D.3.01⁄F12018 Development of harmonized QA/AC procedures for maintenance and repair of nuclear instruments. 
Duration: 2005-2008
Francoise Mulhauser
D.3.01⁄F12019 Development of nuclear microprobe techniques for the quantitative analysis of individual microparticles. Duration: 2005-2008 Nikolai Dytlewski
D.2.01⁄F12020 Development and application of the techniques of residual stress measurements in materials. 
Duration: 2006-2009
Danas Ridikas
D.4.01⁄F13009 Dense magnetised plasmas.
Duration: 2001-2007
Artur Malaquias
D.4.01⁄F13010 Fusion research using small tokamaks.
Duration: 2004-2008
Artur Malaquias
D.4.01/F13011 Nuclear fusion research: Pathways to energy from Inertial Fusion - An Integrated Approach. Duration: 2006-2010 Guenter Mank

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