This database contains 163 low-energy electrostatic accelerators distributed over 50 Member States.

The history of development of low-energy electrostatic accelerators has spanned over 50 years, producing machine technologies which can be categorised by physical design (single-ended or tandem) and by voltage generation method, either mechanical charging (belt or pelletron chain) or cascade generator. The wide variety of machine technologies in use today, both modern and old, is better categorized by the accelerator manufacturers terminologies which are widely used by the scientific community.

  • EN-FN-MP-UD are large machines built during the 1960s 1980s. Model EN (rated terminal voltage of 5 MV), FN (7.5 MV), MP (10 MV), UD (> 10 MV, vertical tandem).
  • Pelletron®
  • Single-ended (includes KN, Singletron™ and other single-ended designs)
  • Tandetron™