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  • 20th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference
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EX/P2-12 · Comparison of Transient Electron Heat Transport in LHD Helical and JT- 60U Tokamak Plasmas

S. Inagaki1), H. Takenaga2), K. Ida1), A. Isayama2), N. Tamura1), T. Takizuka2), T. Shimozuma1), Y. Kamada2), S. Kubo1), Y. Miura2), Y. Nagayama1), K. Kawahata1), S. Sudo1), K. Ohkubo1), LHD Experimental Group1), JT-60U Team2)

1) National Institute for Fusion Science, Toki, Japan
2) Naka Fusion Research Establishment, Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute, Naka-machi, Japan

Abstract: Transient transport experiments are performed in plasmas with and without Internal Transport Barrier (ITB) on LHD and JT-60U. In the no-ITB plasmas, two different types of non-linearity of the electron heat transport are observed from cold pulse propagation. The heat diffusivity depends weakly on both of electron temperature and temperature-gradient in LHD, while the heat diffusivity depends strongly on the temperature-gradient in JT-60U. In the ITB plasmas, a cold pulse growing driven by the negative temperature dependence of heat diffusivity is commonly observed both in LHD and JT-60U.

Keywords: electron transport, energy transport, helical system, tokamak, transport barriers,

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