Session EX/1 - Advanced Scenarios

EX/1-1 Sips, A.C.C.The performance of improved H-modes at ASDEX Upgrade and projection to ITER
EX/1-2 Greenfield, C.M.Progress Toward High Performance Steady-State Operation in DIII-D
EX/1-3 Oyama, N.Improved Performance in Long-pulse ELMy H-mode Plasmas with Internal Transport Barrier in JT-60U
EX/1-4 Takase, Y.Evolution of Bootstrap-Sustained Discharge in JT-60U
EX/1-5 (theory) Chu, M.S.Maintaining the Quasi-Steady State Central Current Density Profile in Hybrid Discharges
EX/1-6 Joffrin, E.H.Physics and operational integrated controls for steady state scenario