Session EX/4 - NTM/Disruptions

EX/4-1Ra Isayama, A.Active Control of Neoclassical Tearing Modes toward Stationary High-Beta Plasmas in JT-60U
EX/4-1Rb Zohm, H.Control of MHD Instabilities by ECCD: ASDEX Upgrade Results and Implications for ITER
EX/4-2 Prater, R.Prevention of the 2/1 Neoclassical Tearing Mode in DIII-D
EX/4-3 Granetz, R.S.Gas Jet Disruption Mitigation Studies on Alcator C-Mod and DIII-D
EX/4-4 (theory) Morozov, D.Kh.Influence of plasma opacity on current decay after disruptions in tokamaks
EX/4-5Ra Khimchenko, L.N.Study of erosion products in experiments simulating ELMs and disruptions in ITER on plasma gun QSPA-facility
EX/4-5Rb Linke, J.Material Damage Characterisation of Divertor Targets Exposed to ITER-Relevant Type I ELM and Disruption Transient Loads
EX/4-5Rc Bazylev, B.N.Modelling of Material Damage of CFC and W Macro-Brush Divertor Targets under ELMs and Disruptions at Plasma Gun Facilities and Prediction for ITER
EX/4-5Rd Landman, I.S.Modelling of ITER Edge Plasma Dynamics Following Type I ELMs and Consequences for Tokamak Operation