Session P6 PD - Poster Session Energetic Particles, Current Drive and Waves, Edge Theory, Post Deadline

EX/P6-1 Okada, H.Dependence of the Confinement of Fast Ions Generated by ICRF Heating on the Field Configuration in Heliotron J
EX/P6-2 Pochelon, A.Electron Bernstein Wave Heating of High Density H-modes in the TCV Tokamak
EX/P6-3 Blackwell, B.D.Observations of Alfvénic MHD Activity in the H-1 Heliac
EX/P6-4 Casper, T.A.Evidence for Anomalous Effects on the Current Evolution in Tokamak Operating Scenarios
EX/P6-5 Hanada, K.Power dependence of density and current drive efficiency in full LHCD plasmas on TRIAM-1M
EX/P6-6 Tanaka, H.Spherical Tokamak Startup and Formation by ECH without Central Solenoid on LATE
EX/P6-7 Ichimura, M.Observation of spontaneously excited waves near the ion cyclotron range of frequency on JT-60U
EX/P6-8 Isobe, M.Fast Ion-Driven MHD Instabilities and Consequent Fast Ion Losses in the Compact Helical System
EX/P6-9 Ongena, J.P.H.E.Recent progress in JET on Heating and Current Drive studies in view of ITER
EX/P6-10 Sarff, J.S.Oscillating Field Current Drive in the MST Reversed Field Pinch
EX/P6-12 Goniche, M.Interactions of RF Antennas with the Edge Plasma in Tore Supra Steady-State Discharges
EX/P6-13 Medley, S.S.Investigation of Collective Fast Ion Instability-induced Redistribution or Loss in NSTX
EX/P6-14 Nagasaki, K.Control of Non-inductive Current in Heliotron J
EX/P6-15 Okada, S.Behaviour of a Low Frequency Wave in a FRC Plasma
EX/P6-16 Porkolab, M.Experimental Studies and Analysis of Alfvén Eigenmodes in Alcator C-Mod
EX/P6-17 Saito, K.Study of High-energy Ion Tail Formation with Second Harmonic ICRF Heating and NBI in LHD
EX/P6-18 Lashkul, S.I.Effective Heating and Improved Confinement Transition in Lower Hybrid Experiment on FT-2 Tokamak
EX/P6-19 Sharapov, S.E.Development of Alfvén Spectroscopy in Advanced Scenarios on JET
EX/P6-20 Porte, L.Plasma Dynamics with Second and Third Harmonic ECRH on TCV Tokamak
EX/P6-21 Hellsten, T.A.K.Fast Wave Current Drive and Direct Electron Heating in JET ITB Plasmas
EX/P6-22 Shevchenko, V.Electron Bernstein Wave Heating Experiments on MAST
EX/P6-23 Zushi, H.Bi-directional Lower Hybrid Current Drive and Electron Cyclotron Counter Current Drive Experiments in Full Current Drive Plasma in TRIAM-1M
TH/P6-1 Gorelenkov, N.N.Phase Space Gradient Driven Discrete Compressional Alfvén Eigenmodes in Tokamaks: Simulations and Observations
TH/P6-2 Pokol, G.Destabilization of magnetosonic-whistler waves by a relativistic runaway beam
TH/P6-3 Schoepf, K.Synergetic effect of TF ripples and MHD modes on fast ion transport
TH/P6-4 Vlad, G.Particle Simulation Analysis of Energetic-Particle and Alfvén-Mode Dynamics in JT-60U Discharges
TH/P6-5 Wang, Z.T.Fishbone Instability Excited by Circulating Electrons
TH/P6-6 Yakovenko, Y.V.Redistribution of Energetic Ions During Reconnection Events in NSTX
TH/P6-7 Yavorskij, V.Evolution of fusion-born alpha particles in JET tritium NBI discharges: measurements and modelling
TH/P6-8 Berry, L.A.Analysis of Ion Cyclotron Heating Issues for ITER
TH/P6-9 Cardinali, A.Simulation of burning plasma dynamics by ICRH accelerated minority ions
TH/P6-10 Fukuyama, A.Integrated Full Wave Analysis of RF Heating and Current Drive in Toroidal Plasmas
TH/P6-11 Harvey, R.W.Electron Bernstein Wave Studies: Current Drive; Emission and Absorption with Nonthermal Distributions; Delta-f Particle-in-Cell Simulations
TH/P6-12 Ludwig, G.O.Dynamics of Electron Cyclotron Current Drive
TH/P6-13 Park, G.Test of the Quasilinear ICRH Operator with a 6D Particle Simulation in a Toroidal Plasma and Development of a New 5-1/2D ICRH Particle Simulation Technique
TH/P6-14 Chang, C.S.Integrated particle simulation of neoclassical and turbulence physics in the tokamak pedestal/edge region using XGC
TH/P6-15 Chankin, A.V.Critical Issues Identified by the ASDEX Upgrade Edge and Divertor Modelling
TH/P6-16 Daybelge, U.Emerging Chaos in Rotation Velocity Profile in Collisional Tokamak Edge Layer
TH/P6-17 Kasuya, N.Two-dimensionally steep structure of the electric field in tokamak H-mode
TH/P6-18 Krasheninnikov, S.I.Modeling of Dust-Particle Dynamics, Transport, and Impact on Tokamak Plasma Performance
TH/P6-19 Mavrin, A.A.Improvement of plasma confinement due to ion and electron heating at the edge of tokamak.
TH/P6-20 Mizuguchi, N.Nonlinear Simulation of Edge-Localized Mode in Spherical Tokamak
TH/P6-21 Myra, J.R.Blob Transport Models, Experiments, and the Accretion Theory of Spontaneous Rotation
TH/P6-22 Naulin, V.Turbulence Modeling of JET SOL Plasma
TH/P6-23 Xu, X.Q.Edge Gyrokinetic Theory and Continuum Simulations
TH/P6-24 Ball, R.Dynamics of edge oscillations and core relaxations in harness.
TH/P6-25 Cohen, R.H.Fluid Simulations and Theory of Boundary Plasma Fluctuations
PD/P6-1 Park, H.New Paradigm for the m/n=1/1 mode (“Sawtooth Oscillation”) Based on High Resolution 2-D Images of Te Fluctuations and Comparisons with Theoretical Models
PD/P6-2 Sabbagh, S.A.Resistive Wall Mode Active Stabilization in High Beta, Low Rotation Plasmas
PD/P6-3 Skvortsova, N.N.Estimation of Dynamic and Diffusive Components in Edge Turbulent Particle Fluxes in the L-2M Stellarator and the FT-2 Tokamak
PD/P6-4 Itoh, K.Physics of Electron Internal Transport Barrier in Toroidal Helical Plasmas