Session TH/1 EX/2 - Fluctuations

TH/1-1 Scott, B.D.Studies of the Tokamak Edge with Self Consistent Turbulence, Equilibrium, and Flows
TH/1-2 Staebler, G.M.A Comprehensive Theory-Based Transport Model
TH/1-3 Ernst, D.R.Identification of TEM Turbulence through Direct Comparison of Nonlinear Gyrokinetic Simulations with Phase Contrast Imaging Density Fluctuation Measurements
EX/2-1 Conway, G.D.Study of Turbulence and Radial Electric Field Transitions in ASDEX Upgrade using Doppler Reflectometry
EX/2-2 Hoshino, K.Measurement and analysis of the fluctuations and poloidal flow on JFT-2M tokamak
EX/2-3 McKee, G.R.Characterization of Zonal Flows and Their Dynamics in the DIII-D Tokamak, Laboratory Plasmas, and Simulation