Session EX/9 TH/4 - ELMs

EX/9-1 Kirk, A.Evolution of the pedestal on MAST and the implications for ELM power loadings
EX/9-2 Asakura, N.ELM Propagation and Fluctuations Characteristics in H- and L-mode SOL Plasmas on JT-60U
EX/9-3 Moyer, R.A.Edge Localized Mode Control in DIII-D Using Magnetic Perturbation-Induced Pedestal Transport Changes
EX/9-4 Finken, K.H.Influence of the Dynamic Ergodic Divertor on TEXTOR Discharges
TH/4-1Ra Snyder, P.B.Stability and Dynamics of the Edge Pedestal in the Low Collisionality Regime: Physics Mechanisms for Steady-State ELM-Free Operation
TH/4-1Rb Wilson, H.R.ELM crash theory: Relaxation, filamentation, explosions and implosions
TH/4-2 Hayashi, N.Integrated Simulation of ELM Energy Loss Determined by Pedestal MHD and SOL Transport