Session P8 - Poster Session ELMs, MHD Experiments

EX/P8-1 Kado, S.Dynamics of the Pedestal Structure in the Edge Transport Barrier in CHS
EX/P8-2 Neuhauser, J.Structure and Dynamics of Spontaneous and Induced ELMs on ASDEX Upgrade
EX/P8-3 Leonard, A.W.Pedestal Performance Dependence Upon Plasma Shape in DIII-D
EX/P8-4 Morita, S.Characteristic Features of Edge Localized Mode under the Presence of Edge Ergodic Magnetic Field Layer in LHD
EX/P8-5 Suttrop, W.A.Studies of the edge pedestal and behaviour of Edge Localised Modes in improved H-mode and small-ELM regimes in ASDEX Upgrade
EX/P8-6 Gandini, F.Automatic Detection and Control of MHD Activity in FTU Tokamak by ECE and ECH/ECCD
EX/P8-7 Pautasso, G.Mitigated Plasma Shut-Down with Fast Impurity Puff on ASDEX Upgrade
EX/P8-8 Yamada, H.Density Limit in Discharges with High Internal Inductance on JT-60U
EX/P8-9 Nascimento, I.C.Suppression and Excitation of MHD Activity with Electrically Polarized Electrode at the TCABR Plasma Edge
EX/P8-10 Semenov, I.Investigation of the Resonant Perturbations Amplification at T-10 during ECR Heating
EX/P8-11 Drake, J.R.Experiments on feedback control of multiple resistive wall modes comparing different active coil arrays and sensor types
EX/P8-12 La Haye, R.J.Evaluating Electron Cyclotron Current Drive Stabilization of Neoclassical Tearing Modes in ITER: Implications of Experiments in ASDEX-U, DIII-D, JET, and JT-60U
EX/P8-13 Liu, YiObservation of m/n=1/1 Mode Behaviors during Molecular Beam Fuelling and ECRH Discharges in HL-2A
EX/P8-14 Okamoto, M.Integrated View of Disruption Dynamics on Internal Electromagnetic and Plasma Structures in the Small Tokamak HYBTOK-II
EX/P8-15 Ohdachi, S.Two-Dimensional Structure of MHD Instabilities and their Non-Linear Evolution in the Large Helical Device
EX/P8-16 Raman, R.Solenoid-free Plasma Start-up in NSTX using Transient CHI
EX/P8-17 Jaspers, R.J.E.Imaging and Manipulation of Sawteeth and Tearing Modes in TEXTOR
EX/P8-18 Hender, T.C.Prediction of Rotational Stabilisation of Resistive Wall Modes in ITER
EX/P8-19 Pedersen, T.S.Control of external kink modes near the ideal wall limit using modular internal feedback coils
EX/P8-20 Zheng, YongzhenPotential Safe plasma termination Using Laser Ablation of High-Z Impurity in Tokamak
EX/P8-21 Maget, P.MHD issues in Tore Supra steady-state fully non-inductive scenario
TH/P8-1 Aiba, N.Effects of "Sharpness" of the Plasma Cross-Section on the Stability of Peeling-Ballooning Modes in Tokamaks
TH/P8-2 Huysmans, G.T.A.MHD Stability in X-point Geometry: Simulation of ELMs
TH/P8-3 Sovinec, C.R.Extended Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of Edge Localized Modes in Existing and Future Tokamak Devices
TH/P8-4 Onjun, T.Second Ballooning Stability Effect on H-mode Pedestal Scalings
TH/P8-5 Parail, V.Theoretical analysis and predictive modelling of ELMs mitigation by enhanced toroidal ripple and ergodic magnetic field
TH/P8-6 Strauss, H.R.ELM Simulations with M3D