Session P1 - Poster Session Advanced Scenarios, ITER 1

EX/P1-1 Crisanti, F.JET Hybrid Scenarios with Improved Core Confinement
EX/P1-2 Moreau, D.New Dynamic-Model Approach for Simultaneous Control of Distributed Magnetic and Kinetic Parameters in the ITER-like JET Plasmas
EX/P1-3 Gates, D.A.Progress on NSTX towards a stable steady state at low aspect ratio
EX/P1-4 Ferron, J.R.Feedback Control of the Safety Factor Profile in DIII-D Advanced Tokamak Discharges
EX/P1-5 Ide, S.Studies on impact of electron cyclotron wave injection on the internal transport barriers on JT-60U
EX/P1-6 Li, JiangangSteady-state AC Plasma Current Operation in the HT-7 Tokamak
EX/P1-7 Stober, J.Physics studies of the improved H-mode scenario in ASDEX Upgrade
EX/P1-8 Neudatchin, S.V.ITB-events and their Triggers in T-10 and JT-60U
EX/P1-9 Politzer, P.A.Physics Advances in the ITER Hybrid Scenario on DIII-D
EX/P1-10 Sakamoto, Y.Controllability of Large Bootstrap Current Fraction Plasmas in JT-60U
EX/P1-11 Coda, S.The Physics of Electron Internal Transport Barriers in the TCV Tokamak
EX/P1-12 Litaudon, X.Prospects for Steady-State Scenarios on JET
EX/P1-13 Toi, K.Characteristic Features of Edge Transport Barrier Formed in Helical Divertor Configuration of the Large Helical Device
EX/P1-14 Mutoh, T.Steady-State Operation of ICRF Heated Plasma in the Large Helical Device
EX/P1-15 Pericoli Ridolfini, V.Internal Transport Barriers in FTU at ITER relevant plasma density with pure electron heating and current drive
EX/P1-16 Petrie, T.W.Compatibility of the Radiating Divertor With High Performance Plasmas in DIII-D
EX/P1-17 Gao, Q.D.Control and Optimization of Current Profile under Dominant Electron Heating in HL-2A
IT/P1-1 Girard, G.P.ITER - Safety and licensing - One year after site decision
IT/P1-2 Bonoli, P.T.Benchmarking of Lower Hybrid Current Drive Codes with Application to ITER-Relevant Regimes
IT/P1-4 Oikawa, T.Study on Current Drive Capability of Lower Hybrid Waves and Neutral Beam in an ITER Steady State Scenario
IT/P1-5 Budny, R.V.Transport Physics of Hybrid Scenario Plasmas in the International Multi-Tokamak Database and Implications for ITER
IT/P1-6 Maggi, C.F.Characteristics of the H-mode Pedestal in Improved Confinement Scenarios in ASDEX Upgrade, DIII-D, JET and JT-60U
IT/P1-7 Kessel, C.E.Simulation of the Hybrid and Steady State Advanced Operating Modes in ITER
IT/P1-8 Kukushkin, A.B.EC Radiation Transport in Fusion Reactor-Grade Tokamaks: Parameterization of Power Loss Density Profile, Non-Thermal Profile Effects under ECCD/ECRH conditions
IT/P1-9 Leonov, V.M.Simulation of Impurities Behaviour for Basic ITER Scenarios
IT/P1-10 Kardaun, O.J.W.F.The Tortuous Route of Confinement Prediction near Operational Boundary - Improvement of Analysis based on ITERH.DB4/L.DB3 Database
IT/P1-11 Pustovitov, V.D.A Method for Error Field Detection in ITER
IT/P1-12 Maingi, R.Dependence of the H-mode Pedestal Structure on Aspect Ratio
IT/P1-13 Liu, Y.Q.Optimization of Sensor Signals for Resistive Wall Mode Control in ITER
IT/P1-14 Loarte, A.ELMs and disruptions in ITER:Expected Energy Fluxes on Plasma-Facing Components from Multi-machine Experimental Extrapolations & Consequences for ITER Operation
IT/P1-15 Semerok, A.Laser Methods Development for in situ ITER Walls Detritiation and Deposition Layers Characterisation
IT/P1-16 Kukushkin, A.S.Effect of pumped gas reflux on divertor operation in ITER
IT/P1-17 Gorodetsky, A.E.Methane Formation under Charcoal Interaction with Atomic Hydrogen and Deuterium at 77 K
IT/P1-18 Kobayashi, K.Studies on Behavior of Tritium in Components and Structure Materials of Tritium Confinement and Detritiation Systems of ITER
IT/P1-19 Shimada, M.Disruption scenarios, their mitigation and operation window in ITER
IT/P1-20 Doerner, R.P.Beryllium containing plasma interactions with ITER materials
IT/P1-21 Wesley, J.C.Disruption Characterization and Database Activities for ITER
IT/P1-22 Litnovsky, A.First Mirrors for Diagnostic Systems of ITER
IT/P1-23 Murari, A.Progress in Diagnostic ITER-relevant Technologies at JET
IT/P1-24 Donné, A.J.H.High Priority R&D Topics in Support of ITER Diagnostic Development
IT/P1-25 Razdobarin, G.T.Progress in Development of Thomson Scattering Systems for ITER
IT/P1-26 von Hellermann, M.G.Review of Beam Aided Diagnostics for ITER
IT/P1-27 Orsitto, F.P.Requirements for Fast Particle Measurements on ITER and Candidate Measurements Techniques
IT/P1-28 Huang, G.Studies On The Characteristic Of Titanium-Tritium Reaction
IT/P1-29 Becoulet, M.Modelling of Edge Control by Ergodic Fields in DIII-D, JET and ITER
IT/P1-30 Mota, F.Radiation Damage Modeling of Fused Silica in Fusion Systems