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Fusion Energy

FUSION ENERGY: role of the IAEA Please click on the image for the brochure: FUSION ENERGY, The Role of the IAEA.



Energy is a key element of human development; today, nuclear fusion and plasma physics research is carried out in more than 50 IAEA Member States. The Physics Section is helping the Member States to exchange and build scientific and technical knowledge on controlled nuclear fusion for the peaceful use of fusion energy. It supports scientific debate and facilitates research activities in order to design and build fusion power plants.
The Physics Section is also helping many R&D spin-offs relating to plasma physics and fusion technology which are already bringing benefits to the society through improvements in materials (such as ceramic, metals and coatings), industrial processes (such as welding and waste removal), electrical technology, transportation, space flight, medicine and other scientific areas.
Our activities on fusion cover a wide range of topics and focus on plasma physics, ITER and fusion power, technologies and material:


The Physics Section implements the agreement between the IAEA and the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) organization signed in October 2008 to enhance the research on fusion. In addition to cooperating with ITER, our program focuses on supporting science and technology for fusion power development also in non-ITER member states.

IAEA Book on Fusion Physic
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