Research Reactor Details - SLOWPOKE-2, RMC

Country Canada
Facility Name SLOWPOKE-2, RMC
Facility Number CA-0014
Last Updated 2009/02/05

General Data
Owner  Minister of National Defence
Operator  Authority at the Royal Military College of Canada
Licensing  Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
Construction Date  1985/08/20
Criticality Date  1985/09/06
Safeguards  IAEA
Initial Cost 1 M C$
Total Staff 6
No of Operators 4

Technical Data
Reactor Type SLOWPOKE-2
Thermal Power, Steady (kW) 20.00
Max Flux SS, Thermal (n/cm2-s) 1.0E12
Max Flux SS, Fast (n/cm2-s) 1.8E11
Thermal Power, Pulsed (MW) 0.00
Max Flux Pulsed, Thermal (n/cm2-s)
Max Flux Pulsed, Fast (n/cm2-s)
Natural Convection Cooling YES
Forced Cooling NO
Coolant Velocity in Core
Reflector BE
Reflector Number of Sides ANNULAR+TOP+BOTTOM
Control Rods Material CD
Control Rods number 1

Experimental Facilities
Horizontal Channels
Horizontal Max Flux (n/cm2-s)
Horizontal Use
Vertical Channels
Vertical Max Flux (n/cm2-s)
Vertical Use
Core Irradiation Facilities
Core Max Flux (n/cm2-s)
Reflector Irradiation Facilities 5
Loops Number
Loops Max Flux
Loops use

Fuel data
Origin of Fissile Material USA
Enrichment Supplier USA
Equilibrium Core Size 198
Plates per Element
Dimensions of Plates
Rods per Element 1
Dimensions of Rods, mm 228X5.1
Tubes per Element
Dimensions of Tubes, mm
Cladding Material ZR
Cladding Thickness, mm 0.5
Fuel Material UO2
Fuel Thickness, mm 4.1
Uranium Density, g/cm3
Burnup on Discharge, max %
Burnup Average, %
Last Shipment Year
Last Receipt Year
Fuel Fabricator AECL, CA

Hours per Day  8
Days per Week  5
Weeks per Year  50
MW Days per Year  0
Materials/fuel test experiments  NO
Isotope Production  some
  • Total Activity (GBq)
  •  N/A
    Neutron Scattering  NO
    Neutron Radiography  On-line beam hours: N/A
    Neutron capture therapy  NO
    Activation Analysis  N/A
  • number of samples irradiated
  •  N/A
    Transmutation  Mass of Silicon (kg) : N/A
     Mass of gemstones (kg): N/A
    Geochronology  NO
    Teaching  Number of students: N/A
    Training  NO
    Other Uses  NO

    Operating Experience
    Reactor Thermal Power Date of Operational for
    Category Type kW Criticality Construction Years Months
     RESEARCH  SLOWPOKE-2  20.00  1985/09/06  1985/08/20  24  8