Research Reactor Details - TRR

Country Iran, Islamic Republic of
Facility Name TRR
Facility Number IR-0001
Last Updated 1998/10/01

General Data
Owner  AEOI
Licensing  NSD
Construction Date  1960/10/10
Criticality Date  1967/11/01
Safeguards  IAEA
Initial Cost 5 M US$
Total Staff 21
No of Operators 8

Technical Data
Reactor Type POOL
Thermal Power, Steady (kW) 5,000.00
Max Flux SS, Thermal (n/cm2-s) 3.0E13
Max Flux SS, Fast (n/cm2-s) 1.0E14
Thermal Power, Pulsed (MW) 0.00
Max Flux Pulsed, Thermal (n/cm2-s)
Max Flux Pulsed, Fast (n/cm2-s)
Natural Convection Cooling YES
Forced Cooling YES
Coolant Velocity in Core
Reflector GRAPHITE,H2O
Reflector Number of Sides 4
Control Rods Material AG,IN,CD,SS
Control Rods number 5

Experimental Facilities
Horizontal Channels 7
Horizontal Max Flux (n/cm2-s) 1.0E13
Horizontal Use
Vertical Channels 1
Vertical Max Flux (n/cm2-s) 1.0E13
Vertical Use
Core Irradiation Facilities
Core Max Flux (n/cm2-s)
Reflector Irradiation Facilities 1-6
Loops Number
Loops Max Flux
Loops use

Fuel data
Origin of Fissile Material ARGENTINA
Enrichment Supplier ARGENTINA
Equilibrium Core Size 27
Plates per Element 19
Dimensions of Plates 615 X 66 X 1.27
Rods per Element
Dimensions of Rods, mm
Tubes per Element
Dimensions of Tubes, mm
Cladding Material AL ALLOY
Cladding Thickness, mm 0.4
Fuel Material
Fuel Thickness, mm 0.7
Uranium Density, g/cm3 3.0
Burnup on Discharge, max % 42
Burnup Average, %
Last Shipment Year 1992
Last Receipt Year 1992
Fuel Fabricator ARGENTINA

Hours per Day  24
Days per Week  5
Weeks per Year  21
MW Days per Year  300
Materials/fuel test experiments  NO
Isotope Production  NO
Neutron Scattering  NO
Neutron Radiography  NO
Neutron capture therapy  NO
Activation Analysis  NO
Transmutation  NO  
Geochronology  NO
Teaching  NO
Training  NO
Other Uses  NO

Operating Experience
Reactor Thermal Power Date of Operational for
Category Type kW Criticality Construction Years Months
 RESEARCH  POOL  5000.00  1967/11/01  1960/10/10  42  3