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Research Reactors

Welcome to the Baltic Research Reactor Network (BRRN)

After the closure of research reactors (RRs) in Sweden and Denmark, and keeping in mind well defined plans of the three Baltic Sates, with Poland for a new nuclear power plant (NPP) to be built at the Ignalina NPP site in Lithuania, there is a potential need to revise the utilization of RRs in the region. One has to add in this context Russia's plans to build a new NPP (up to 2400MWel) in the Kaliningrad’s region. Similar announcements were made also by the neighboring Byelorussia.Indeed, the Member Sates in the Baltic region might need more coordinated and collaborative actions related to the access and utilization of RRs. The most urgent priority seems to be the education and training in all nuclear technology areas including for operators and users of nuclear facilities, radiation protection personnel, regulatory personnel, including students and researchers. Other potential applications of the RRs might also be of interest for the Member States in the region and could be considered at the second stage. As a result of the exploratory workshop initiated by the IAEA and held on 3-5 June 2009 in Swierk, Poland, representatives of all 10 Member States agreed on creation of the Baltic Research Reactor Network (BRRN).