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Research Reactors

Welcome to the Central African Research Reactor Network (CARRN)

With a number of research reactors strategically placed around a continent in need of various nuclear services and products, Africa is home to the IAEA's newest research reactor coalition, the Central African Research Reactor Network (CARRN). Under an agreement at a June 2011 workshop of reactor operators and research scientists, and with support from the IAEA's AFRA Technical Cooperation programme, the CARRN was formed in order to maximize the potential of bilateral cooperation across Africa for peaceful nuclear techniques as well as research reactor utilization. Initially, the Network will provide a forum among 5 Member States possessing a research reactor and 4 without focused upon two major topics of interest:

  1. Nuclear education and training, and
  2. Neutron activation analysis (NAA) and gamma spectroscopy.

The former relates to recent discussions of new research reactors and nuclear power programmes in Africa, while NAA and gamma spectroscopy have demonstrated their usefulness in a range of nutritional, environmental and geological studies. The Network will proceed with workshops, training programmes and collaborative experiments to share expertise in these fields and offer access to the benefits of nuclear technology to Africa at large.