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Research Reactors

Welcome to the Mediterranean Research Reactor Network (MRRN)

The MRRN combines regional expertise in research reactors and other nuclear research devices and techniques to offer products and services of the highest caliber. Formally convened under the IAEA's Technical Cooperation Programme in 2010, the institutions of the 14 member states have recognized common interests and services, with a focus on three major topics:

  1. Nuclear education and training,
  2. Neutron activation analysis (NAA), and
  3. Neutron radiography and tomography.

The Network will henceforth conduct workshops, training programmes and joint research efforts to share experience and technical knowledge and enhance technical and human resources across the Mediterranean region, as well as to identify regional and interregional markets for products and services, facilitate access to the Member States without research reactors. The Network also owns a keen interest in improving the region's capacity for building new national nuclear power programmes, which may benefit greatly from the services of research reactors, critical facilities, and specific nuclear education curricula.