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Project on Enhanced Utilization and Applications of Research Reactors

Technical Cooperation (TC) Projects

Active National TC Projects, relevant to RR utilization
Country Title Year Started
Algeria Establishing and Developing the Algerian Institute for Training in Nuclear Sciences and Technology 2009
Azerbaijan Conducting a Feasibility Study for Planning and Establishing a Research Reactor 2009
China Improving the Use of a Neutron Texture Diffractometer for Material Research and Industrial Applications 2012
Egypt Development of Neutron Irradiation and Beam Line Facilities for Effective Use of the Research Reactor 2007
Indonesia Upgrading BATAN's Research Reactor Facilities 2012
Jordan Enhancing National Capabilities for Safety Assessment and Effective Use of the Research Reactor 2012
Kazakhstan Introducing High Performance Neutron Activation Analysis for Industrial Needs 2009
Lebanon Studying the Feasibility of Establishing a Nuclear Research Reactor and Developing Human Resources for Nuclear Technologies 2012
Libya Utilizing the Research Reactor 2009
Morocco Establishing Technical Expertise in Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis Automation and Prompt Gamma Activation Analysis Installation for Applications in Environment, Agriculture, Industry, Health and Human Sciences 2012
Peru Modernizing and Improving the Utilization of the RP10 Reactor 2009
South Africa Establishing a Regional User Access Centre of Excellence in Neutron Beam Line Applications 2012
Slovenia Carrying Out a Feasibility Study and Installing the Thermal Neutron-Driven 14 MeV Neutron Converter into the TRIGA Research Reactor 2012
Sudan Sudan Nuclear Research Reactor Project 2010
Tunisia Installing a Subcritical Assembly in the National Centre for Science and Nuclear Technology for Education and Training in the Field of Reactor Physics 2012


Active Regional TC Projects, relevant to RR utilization
Region Title Year Started
Africa Enhancing Research Reactor Utilization and Safety 2009
Asia/Pacific Enhancing Safety and Utilization of Research Reactors (pending) 2012
Asia/Pacific Developing Human Resources for Safe Operation and Application of Nuclear Research Reactors in ARASIA Member States 2012
Europe Enhancing Use and Safety of Research Reactors through Networking, Coalitions and Shared Best Practices 2012
Latin America Supporting a Sustainable Increase in the Use of Research Reactors in the Latin American and Caribbean Region through Networking, Exchange of Experiences, Knowledge Preservation and Training of Human Resources 2009