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Physics Section 


Publications - Particle Accelerators


Ion Beam Techniques for the Analysis of Light Elements in Thin Films, Including Depth Profiling
In preparation
Guidelines for the Operation and Maintenance of Low Energy, Electrostatic Research Accelerators
In preparation
Development and Characterisation of Semiconductor Materials by Ion Beams
Final Report of a Co-ordinated Research Project, IAEA-TECDOC-1292
IAEA, Vienna 2002
Instrumentation for PIXE and RBS
IAEA, Vienna 2000
Comparison of Nuclear with Non-Nuclear Analytical Methods for Material Characterisation
Technical Meeting Report
IAEA, Vienna 2000
Use of Accelerator Based Neutron Sources
IAEA, Vienna 2000
Industrial and Environmental Application of Nuclear Analytical Techniques
IAEA, Vienna 1999
Manual for Troubleshooting and Upgrading of Neutron Generators
IAEA, Vienna 1996