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Physics Section 


Publications - Research Reactors


Quality Assurance for Research Reactors Operations and Experiments
Submitted for approval
Data Acquisition for Research Reactors and Experiments
Submitted for approval
Analysis of Research Reactor Transients
Submitted for approval
The Application of Research Reactors
IAEA, Vienna 2001
The Current Status of Neutron Capture Therapy
IAEA, Vienna 2001
Quality Aspects of Research Reactor Operation for Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis
IAEA, Vienna 2001
Strategic Planning for Research Reactor
IAEA, Vienna 2001
The Use of Research Reactors for Neutron Activation Analysis
IAEA, Vienna 2001
Research Reactor Utilisation, Safety and Management
Symposium Proceedings (CD), IAEA-CSP-4/C
IAEA, Vienna 2000
Nuclear Research Reactors in the World
Thirteenth Edition of Reference Data Series 3, IAEA-RDS-3/13
IAEA, Vienna 2000
Applications of Personnel Computers to Enhance Operation and Management of Research Reactors
IAEA, Vienna 1998
Directory of Nuclear Research Reactors
IAEA, Vienna 1998
Proceedings of IAEA Technical Committee Meeting on Strategies to Enhance Utilization of Multipurpose Research Reactors
IAEA, Vienna 1997
Trends and Techniques in Neutron Beam Research for Medium and Low Flux Research Reactors
IAEA, Vienna 1997